Identifying when netblocks have been assigned

Bill Woodcock woody at
Sat Sep 13 12:44:31 CDT 2008

      On Sat, 13 Sep 2008, Frank Bulk wrote:
    > Perhaps there's no answer to this, or it's obvious and I ought to know.
    > How can I find out when ARIN or the applicable registry has assigned a block
    > to a certain organization, and I don't know the block, just the
    > organization.
    > If that's not possible, is there a site/way that has a timeline for the
    > first time a certain AS announced a block?

Those are both very simple reports to run from PCH's existing databases 
and data-feeds.  The only tricky part is how you specify the organization 
name...  Are you planning on using the RIR OrgID, or an exact-match on the 
organization name, or a substring or regex match?  Or would you like 
something that tries to map through origin AS?


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