New Intercage upstream

Christopher Morrow morrowc.lists at
Fri Sep 12 16:15:47 CDT 2008

On 9/12/08, Lamar Owen <lowen at> wrote:

>  So if you want to be able to shut down a BGP session at a whim, you'd best
>  make sure your agreement you executed allows for that; or exercise your right
>  as a provider to refuse the customer, one or the other.

So... one other option which I've seen exercised is to keep the bgp
sessoin up and just not permit any routes in either direction. The
'customer connection' is still up, the link is pingable, all SLA's are
satisfied, the network doesn't have to guarantee 'routability' only
'connection'. Most every US network (at least) has the ability to shut
down interfaces/devices/sessions 'for the protection of their
network', in the worst case they may have to refund charges for the
monthly fees... though I'd note that in the place I saw the 'no
routes' used no chargebacks occured, despite the angry sales-driods
and customer(s).

In any case, there's no 'right' just some potentially flimsy legal
verbiage and 'we really dont want to make a habit of stomping on too
many customers'.

>  It will be interesting to see how long this link stays active.  And how long
>  it takes for Intercage to find another upstream.  Money talks.


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