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Randy Bush randy at
Thu Sep 11 21:37:15 CDT 2008

> But here on NANOG it sure looked like the gunfight at the OK Corral
> earlier as the posse went after the bad guys.

we do not lack in self-righteousness or vigilanteism.  and we seem to be
wannabe lawyers, economists, and sociologists, though only the $dieties
can guess why.

as the industry has become more and more commoditized, the 'grey people'
occupy most of middle management and sadly often senior management.  our
arrogance does not earn us creds with these folk, with customers, or
with our peers [0].

it is sadly telling that <> is our major archive of
tools and techniques of the operators' trade (yes, i think it is a
trade), and it is not even well-linked from other sites.  compare this
to other trades or engineering disciplines.



[0] -

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