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Lamar Owen lowen at
Thu Sep 11 07:50:24 CDT 2008

On Thursday 11 September 2008 06:23:29 list-nanog at wrote:
> This is not a court. In court, if you are determined guilty a large
> punishment may be exacted

Depeering is not a large punishment?

In the internet world, mass depeering / de-transitting like we've see in this 
instance is akin to capital punishment.  By vigilantes.  The US Old West 

But even in a court of law in a criminal case a defense must be made, 
otherwise the least sort of evidence of culpability can produce conviction; 
the defendant must at least put on a defense to invalidate the culpatory 
evidence.  So when culpatory evidence is presented in these cases, requesting 
exculpatory evidence is very reasonable.

Lack of a defense in a civil case will virtually guarantee a favorable 
judgment for the plaintiff, however.

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