only WV FIBER now peering with Atrivo / Intercage

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Sun Sep 7 06:51:35 CDT 2008

> > Anton's post that GX is still providing them transit is a bit curious, since
> > I was under the impression GX had severed all ties with Atrivo.  But the
> > table does not lie, a path of "174 3549 27595" is clearly transit.  GX, care
> > to comment?
> After poking for a bit, it's unclear what, if anything, GX is or isn't
> doing here.

Does it matter? The implication of this thread is the imposition of an
internet death penalty on this AS. In which case people will have to
hound each AS they're seen behind, whatever they're providing, and that
will change as they run for cover.

This seems a change of tactic from just null routing people you don't like
on your own network


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