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InterCage - Russ russ at
Sun Sep 7 08:32:48 UTC 2008

Hello Everyone,

Good morning. 
Seeing the activity in regards to our company here at NANOG, I believe this is the most reasonable and responsible place to respond to the current issues on our network. We hope to obtain non-bias opinion's and good honest and truthful information from the users here.

Being that there are much larger operators here then us, what kind of insight can you give to the issues that have arisen?

We've near completely removed (completion monday 09/08/08) Hostfresh from our network. 2 of their /24's have been removed: dropped dropped
The machine's they leased from us have been canceled.

What do you suggest for the next move?

Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

Russell M.
InterCage, Inc.

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