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Mark Foster blakjak at
Thu Sep 4 18:33:54 CDT 2008

> On Thu, Sep 04, 2008 at 02:01:48PM +1200, Mark Foster wrote:
>> So in terms of the OP,
>> I don't see why joe-user on a dynamic-IP home connection should need the
>> ability to use port 25 to talk to anywhere but their local ISP SMTP
>> server
>> on a normal basis[1].
> Whats a normal basis?
> My Home ISP won't let me send to more than 200 (or so) email addresses
> per day.  If I used my ISP's email system I would constantly be losing
> my email service due to hitting the limit.
> I do the field scheduling for my local town soccer league.
> [Never volunteer!  :-)   ]
> So when I send a few announcements out to coaches, referees and
> administrators, I hit that limit and get my email shutoff for two days
> or so.  I eventually switched to MailHop at DynDNS (smtp auth)
> I would have used port 25 but our ISP has begun blocking outbound
> port 25 nationwide, due to large amount of outbound spam from their
> customers. :-)

*rest snipped*

Is the above described limitation a common occurrance in the world-at-large?

I've not heard of ISPs doing number-of-recipients-per-day limitations.
I've heard of them doing number-of-recipients-per-email limitations (thus
limiting large cc/bcc lists) but not total number of emails.
Who's to say that there arent legitimate reasons to email a large number
of people - perhaps your customers??

Certainly if my own ISP did something like that, you're quite right, i'd
have to find an alternative. (Or perhaps, an alternative ISP. )

(who set the limit at 200? Can you opt-out of the limit or have it upped?)


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