BCP38 dismissal

Gadi Evron ge at linuxbox.org
Thu Sep 4 16:56:39 CDT 2008

On Thu, 4 Sep 2008, Jo Rhett wrote:
> On Sep 4, 2008, at 12:38 PM, Gadi Evron wrote:
>> Seriously though, everyone should take care of their own end first. The 
>> problem is Jo doesn't seem to be in the loopon attacks from recent years, 
>> but I am unsure he would change his mind if he was/
> Nice going, Gadi -- let's insult someone who does a good job of protecting 
> your network from his customers.
> I spend at least 8 hours a week tracking down attacks originating from 
> non-BCP38 networks.  This is still a real problem, and the idea that BCP-38 
> is some fad that is irrelevant now ... I have no words for this kind of 
> idiocy.  Everyone should be doing BCP-38.  Why don't you apply this to your 
> network, instead of sitting around insulting people for your incorrect 
> assumptions about their job?

I apologize for making an incorrect assumption and apparently insulting 
My assumption was based on the threading in the email I replied to, as 
what you write here conpletely contradicts what was written there.

So, we all support BCP38 and nothing really changed from the last time we 
all had this discussion about why most of us don't use it.

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> Jo Rhett
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