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Thu Sep 4 11:40:35 CDT 2008

On Sep 4, 2008, at 12:47 AM, Paul Wall wrote:
> Some food for thought, comparing apples to apples...
> FORCE 10
> *********************
> CH-E300-BNA8-L $35,000.00
> E300 110V AC Terascale Chassis Bundle: 6-slot E300 chassis
> with 400 Gb backplane, fan subsystem, 3 AC Power Supplies
> (CC-E300-1200W-AC) 1 Route Processor Module (EF3), 2
> Switch Fabric Modules
> LC-EF3-1GE-24P $30,000.00
> E300 Terascale 24-port Gigabit Ethernet line card - SFP optics
> required (series EF3)
> CC-E300-1200W-AC $4,000.00 E300 1200W/800W AC Power Supply
> CC-E-SFM3 $12,500.00 E-Series Switch Fabric Module
> LC-EF3-RPM $30,000.00E300 Terascale Route processor module (series  
> EF3)
> ** BASIC CONFIG WITH 24 GIG-E (SFP PORTS): $65000.00 (USD) **

You added a third SFM3 which has no place to go in this chassis.  So  
$52,500 versus $62,240 for the Cisco.

> Please realize that the above is list vs. list.  Cisco 6500 series
> hardware is extremely popular in the secondary market, with discounts
> of 80% or greater on linecards, etc common, furthering the argument
> that Cisco is the cheaper of the two solutions.

Then you need to add recertify cost, which isn't cheap.  And given  
that you can purchase Force10 stuff *NEW* at 60% discount, you're  
pitting new against used for similar prices.

Jo Rhett
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