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Mark Andrews wrote:

>> 	You do realise that there a mail clients that check MX
>> 	records *before* submitting email (or before on sending the
>> 	email) so that typos get detected in the client before any
>> 	email is sent from the client.

I think you are not familiar with the difference between the DROP list
and the XBL. The DROP list is *not* an RBL!

I do not allow any traffic at all to or from the DROP list-- including
MX lookups. I can't think of any good reasons why I would.

The XBL is used only to block mail transport-- it is configured in
sendmail, not at the firewall. The scenario you lay out will still work:

- - end user on a dial up that happens to be on the XBL (common)
- - end user queries MX records, either directly or via their name server
- - end user submits mail to their SMTP server (not on the XBL)
- - SMTP server transports mail to my system

Unless one of those systems mentioned above is a hijacked name server in
Kyiv (and thus on the DROP list), everything will work.


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