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Mediacom appears to require SSL to POP3 access:
"If you are off the Mediacom Online network you can still access your e-mail
using your e-mail client.  However, you will need to configure your e-mail
program to connect to our secure e-mail server via SSL."


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On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 11:52:48AM -0400, Tim Sanderson wrote:
> Anybody not wanting to use their ISP email would notice it. I see
> filtering 25 FROM the customer as something that is not likely to
> happen because of this. When a customer buys bandwidth, they want to
> be able to use it for whatever they choose. This would be just one
> more restriction giving competitive advantage to any ISP not doing the
> filtering.

Just as long as consumer ISPs don't start filtering *110* inbound from
the net... as AT&T used to.  I had a client move from dialup to
cablemodem about 10 years ago... and it took us a *week* to get AT&T to
admit they didn't accept inbound POP pickups.  Client (intemperately) had
printed the email address of lots of crap -- they had to keep the
dialup for a long time, since at&t wouldn't forward either...

Thank ghod I'm out of the jungle now...

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