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Wed Sep 3 13:04:33 CDT 2008

On 9/3/08 12:59 PM, "Jason Fesler" <jfesler at> wrote:

>> I agree, it's not the "right way to do things".  Running a mail server used
>> to be much easier.  Volunteers to help set things up "the right way" are
>> always welcome.  :-)
> Supporting those clients who can't connect is cheaper or more accessible
> for you?

At this point, yes.  We offer SSL/VPN connections back into the network
which (so far) has always fixed the problem if the client is unable to work
with their ISP to get smtp settings for their email program.

It's a matter of resources and priorities.  I'd also like to setup an
automated provisioning server, but don't know how to do that.

There are many projects "in the wings".  Registering students and making
sure they can pay for classes always seems to bubble to the top, though.

Of course, this is getting a bit off topic for NANOG, so I'll stop there.

Tim Winders | Associate Dean of Information Technology | South Plains

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