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Wed Sep 3 12:53:26 CDT 2008

On 9/3/08 12:48 PM, "Alec Berry" <alec.berry at> wrote:

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> Winders, Timothy A wrote:
>> We have not setup a port 587 smtp submit server.  Our smtp servers run only
>> on port 25.
> Sorry to be harsh, but that's just not the "right way to do things"
> these days. At the very least, you can run stunnel to allow incoming
> mail submission on port 465 (SMTP + SSL).
>> So, for us, having ISPs block port 25 is a problem.
> Read: "for us, running a mail server is a problem"

Not harsh at all.  It's reality.  We do have the option for SMTP/SSL/TLS
over port 25.  It is only required for an authenticated session.

I agree, it's not the "right way to do things".  Running a mail server used
to be much easier.  Volunteers to help set things up "the right way" are
always welcome.  :-)

Otherwise, it will happen "eventually".  :-(

Tim Winders | Associate Dean of Information Technology | South Plains

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