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Justin Scott jscott at
Wed Sep 3 11:32:39 CDT 2008

> Why don't you set the alternate ports up as the defaults when the
> customer signs up?

Excellent question and unfortunately I don't have an answer.  I will run 
that one by management as it is an obviously great idea now that you 
mention it.

> We use TLS on port 587 and SSL on 465, most mail clients default to
> these ports when you click the "TLS" or "SSL" box. Bonus-- we tell our
> clients that "we only support encrypted access to their mail". They
> understand.

We also support SSL access for SMTP and POP, so that could be a 
possibility as well.

I appreciate the feedback on this from everyone.  I'm still not 100% 
convinced that a blanket port block is the answer, but then again I'm 
not an ISP so my opinion shouldn't be on the top of the list of 
considerations either.  I do have some things to think about for new 
customers though <g>.

-Justin Scott, GravityFree

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