Is the export policy selective under valley-free?

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On 08-09-03 at 11:40, Randy Bush on holiday and should not be
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> i assure you that the actual topology is not valley free.  e.g. there
> are many backup or political hack transit paths [0]

Sorry to further impinge on your vacation, but was there a footnote  

> between otherwise peers and there are also backup customer/provider
> reversals.

Perhaps the first case could be called misclassification of the edge by
the link-labelling heuristics (and "otherwise peers" dropped)?

But where such a relationship is symmetric it runs into the second
case, and I agree that the model breaks down in the mutual transit
scenario where a link can look like either c2p or p2c depending on
the path being considered.

How useful/productive is it to say that any observed path is always,
by definition, valley-free and that the labels are not really
properties of the graph but properties of the path? I'm not sure.

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