GLBX De-Peers Intercage [Was: RE: Washington Post: Atrivo/Intercag e, w hy are we peering with the American RBN?]

Justin Shore justin at
Tue Sep 2 17:07:13 CDT 2008

Paul Ferguson wrote:
> My next question to the peanut gallery is: What do you
> suggest we should do on other hosting IP blocks are are continuing
> to host criminal activity, even in the face of abuse reports, etc.?
> Seriously -- I think this is an issue which needs to be addressed
> here. ISPs cannot continue to sweep this issue under the proverbial
> carpet.
> Is this an issue that network operations folk don't really care
> about?

IMHO policy should only be dictated by the edge, never upstream of that 
point.  Now whether the edge is defined as the edge provider or the 
actual end-user is up for debate.  I don't want my upstreams to make a 
decision what my SP and thus my customers can get to.  My customers 
can't contact my upstream and argue for listing or delisting a given IP 
like they can with me.  They can't speak with their dollars to my 
upstream like that can with me, their edge provider.  Then again should 
I as the edge provider filter for my customers?  Value-add service or a 
bonus service?  It depends on your point of view.


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