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Hello Alex:

> Depending how cheap and ghetto you want to get, there's also possibility
> of doing WDM on 1310/1300. I have custom-manufactured splitters filtering
> 1307nm +-2nm - and any given LR XFP [*1] will be either within that band
> or outside [*2]. Test a bunch of them, split them into two groups, use on
> the "tested" wavelength. Bunch of friends&family are using this technology
> in production. This gives you an ability to do 20G with very cheap optics.
> [*1] Except ones with very temperature dependent wavelength - mark them as
> "warms up to 1300" and use if you don't care that your links will take
> about 5 minutes to "warm up" and come up. :)
> [*2] Any LX4 Xenpak would be "outside" of the band as well, and you can
> use LX4 concurrently with LR.
> There are some more ghetto fabulous things you can do, described in
> http://www.nanog.org/mtg-0610/presenter-pdfs/pilosov.pdf ;)
> -alex
Do you have any issues with four wave mixing or other crosstalk issues or do you account for this in your channel plan?


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