GLBX De-Peers Intercage [Was: RE: Washington Post: Atrivo/Intercag

Richard Golodner rgolodner at
Tue Sep 2 00:11:03 CDT 2008

	Paul Vixie said on 9/1/08  "OPN's are an unmanageable risk to
all of us.  Netops people generally sweep OPNs under the rug, yes."
	I agree completely, but how do we begin to address this problem?
Words are not enough, we need some action and that action, whatever it may
be will make the public network a better place for all of us.
	 Divorcing my wife after 6 hours in the car with a newborn and a 4
day visit with my in-laws has a very real appeal to it. Hmmm...
	most sincerely, Richard Golodner

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