BGP Scalability Simulation

Moazzam Khan emoazzam at
Mon Sep 1 14:57:46 CDT 2008

Thanks Stefan for your reply.

Basically the goal of this testing is to study the BGP scalability issues in
the internet sometime in future lets say 10 years from now and try to find
out what problems it could face . I am trying to use ns2 as my simulation

Can you suggest how I can set up the envrionment for this kind of study and
what parameters should I try to caputre.


On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 3:51 PM, Fouant, Stefan <Stefan.Fouant at>wrote:

>  Topology and setup of these kinds of tests largely depend on whether you
> are testing iBGP or eBGP. In my experience, eBGP testing is fairly straight
> forward as you are almost always testing reconvergence of the BGP next-hop.
> iBGP testing scenarios on the other hand can be quite a bit more complex as
> you may also be testing the reconvergence of the underlying IGP if the BGP
> next-hop remains unchanged. Can you describe your testing goals and
> environment in a bit more detail?
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> Hi
> I am trying to simulate BGP for scalability testing. I have few queries.
> 1) What sort of topology I should try out ?
> 2) What parameters should I test?
> I am trying to simulate it in ns-2  and i would appreciate reply from you
> guys.
> Regards

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