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Paul Vixie vixie at
Mon Sep 1 12:15:08 CDT 2008

fergdawg at ("Paul Ferguson") writes:

> My next question to the peanut gallery is: What do you suggest we should
> do on other hosting IP blocks are are continuing to host criminal
> activity, even in the face of abuse reports, etc.?

depending on what you mean by "we", the immortal words of many MAPS
lawsuits spring to mind here: "illegal conspiracy" and "prospective
economic advantage."  simply put, if a bunch of like-minded folks want to
get together and decide that a given ISP is behaving badly and all decide
to deny peering and transit to that ISP, then you should all first divorce
your husband or wife after putting all joint assets in his or her name.

> Seriously -- I think this is an issue which needs to be addressed
> here. ISPs cannot continue to sweep this issue under the proverbial
> carpet.
> Is this an issue that network operations folk don't really care about?

the great unsolved problem in every network is "other people's networks".
whether that's networks who won't peer with you, or networks who drop your
customers' packets either because of shaping or overcommit, or networks who
sell service to people you hate and then run a crappy abuse desk, it's all
one thing: OPN: Other People's Networks.  OPN's are an unmanageable risk to
all of us.  netops people generally sweep OPNs under the rug, yes.
Paul Vixie

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