Peering - Benefits?

Miquel van Smoorenburg miquels at
Fri Oct 31 13:57:09 UTC 2008

In article <9AFB2A51-6EE0-440C-9A71-4C0A4D678455 at>,
Andy Davidson  <andy at> wrote:
>On 30 Oct 2008, at 13:03, HRH Sven Olaf Prinz von CyberBunker-Kamphuis  
>MP wrote:
>> (the amsix with their many outages and connected parties that rely
>> primarliy on it's functionality is a prime example here)
>I run interconnection for three networks connected to the ams-ix and  
>can't understand why you think that the ams-ix fabric has "many  
>outages" - I have found it, to borrow a phrase from another stable  
>European IXP, rock solid.

The AMS-IX is a service that is present at multiple colocation
providers. One or two of these are, let's say, not state of the
art anymore. But that's a colo issue and doesn't have anything to
do with the AMS-IX network. This is different from the US, where an
internet exchange is usually tied in with one colocation provider,
so I can see where the confusion comes from.


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