Sprint / Cogent

Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Fri Oct 31 13:23:12 UTC 2008

> > This wasn't the first time Cogent offered something similar.  They did the
> > same thing when Level3 depeered them.
> And they'll do it to others in future peering spats.  It's just a bullying 
> tactic - entertaining if you're on the sideline; irritating if you're Sprint.

It is certainly not "just" a bullying tactic.  It may be "A" bullying
tactic, I won't even attempt to guess at the intent, but the tactic also
has the very real side effect of re-establishing full connectivity to 
Sprint-connected sites that lose it.

Given that other very significant result of the tactic, it is clearly not
"just a bullying tactic."

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