Peering - Benefits?

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Fri Oct 31 10:06:32 UTC 2008

There was no attempt to provoke controversy - I'm in the OP in this...
there have been many replies that don't relate to my question though...

I don't believe I have a lack of understanding neither - we do smaller
scale peering today.  I was however trying to look for positive and
negative reasons for peering that perhaps we didn't take into
consideration beyond how we do it today... the only change for our
peering will be the element of long hauling the traffic and expanding it
into larger scales - that's about it.

Basically I have all the answers I'm looking for now - thank you.


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As with all things, this isn't so cut and dried as everyone makes it
seem. The OP was asking for an easy answer to a complex question, which
usually shows a lack of understanding of the issues, or is an attempt to
provoke controversy.



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