Peering - Benefits?

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internet exchanges are not per-se "redundant"
they basically are a switch which actually, because of the many connected
parties, most of which do not have enough PAID transit to cover any
outages on it, causes more problems than they are good for.
(the amsix with their many outages and connected parties that rely
primarliy on it's functionality is a prime example here)

internet exchanges usually are some sort of hobby computer club, you
cannot rely on them to actually -work-, but when they do work that's
"nice" (always make sure you have enough paid capacity to cover for it
when they do not work however!)

peering on only one of them therefore does not make your network more
reliable in any way (it becomes a different story when you connect to like
10 or so worldwide).

as for "peering" agreements, just implement an open peering policy
(doesn't nessesarily have to take place over an ix, also applies to pieces
of ethernet running from your network to others).

those basically are contracts that force anyone who has also signed one to
peer with your network, wether they like you or not (saves the trouble
when you are a content provider and others do not want to peer with you
because they provide content too and you are a competing party etc).

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On Wed, 29 Oct 2008, Paul Stewart wrote:

> Thanks!  That's a really good one and surprised myself I missed it..;)
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> appealing
> > reasons etc. such as:
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> > -control over routing between networks
> > -security aspect (being able to filter/verify routes to some degree)
> > -latency/performance
> I'm surprised you didn't include "chance to pick up a redundant
> connection".
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