Another driver for v6?

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Wed Oct 29 23:29:40 UTC 2008

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 06:32:31PM -0400, Steven King wrote:
> Does anyone see any benefits to beginning a small deployment of IPv6 now
> even if its just for internal usage?

It is almost lunacy to deploy IPv6 in a customer-facing sense (note
for example Google's choice to put its AAAA on a separate FQDN).  At
this point, I'd say people are still trying to figure out how clients
will migrate to IPv6.  Which seems like a pretty bad time to still be
trying to figure that out, but ohwell.

It is at this time more a question of strategic positioning.  The
kind of thing your boss should be thinking about.

Switching your management network to IPv6 single-stack frees up
IPv4 addresses (depending on how big your management network is)
to use in customer-facing areas, which gives your network longer
legs in the projected IPv4 address shortfall.  If you get really
pressed, you can tunnel your IPv4 network over an IPv6-only backbone,
giving you another handful of precious moneymaking IPv4 addresses.

Having your backbone and servers AAAA'd (even on separate FQDN's),
tested, and ready to go puts you ahead of the curve if clients start
rolling out (you can just move your AAAA's around).

Starting now on collecting IPv6 peering wherever you peer puts you
ahead of the curve in the quality of your network's connectedness,
again presuming this IPv6 thing takes off.

And of course you need to "run your own dog food" on internal LANs
before you start telling customers these IPv6 address thingies are

IPv6: It's kind of like storing dry food in preparation for the

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