Current subscribe address for outages list?

Daniel Faubel daniel at
Wed Oct 29 18:56:01 UTC 2008

I think Chaim was talking about the OC3 cut, not the list move.


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On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 13:58, Chaim Rieger <chaim.rieger at>
> actually nobody has posted any info about this other than what you
> posted, no details/carrier/location etc.....

Perhaps not on NANOG, but on the Outages list itself it was covered
quite well.

On 21-June-2008, RLVaughn posted to the outages at list that
the list would end in 12 to 18 hours and would move to a new host
(un-identified at that time)

On 23-June-2008, Jared Mauch posted the first post from the new
Outages mailinglist host:

Also on 23-June-2008, virendra rode posted an updated message on the

To put simply, it seemed (to me) to be an urgent need for the move,
and it was handled quickly and professionally by all those involved.

-Jim P.

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