Current subscribe address for outages list?

Jim Popovitch yahoo at
Wed Oct 29 18:32:01 UTC 2008

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 13:58, Chaim Rieger <chaim.rieger at> wrote:
> actually nobody has posted any info about this other than what you just
> posted, no details/carrier/location etc.....

Perhaps not on NANOG, but on the Outages list itself it was covered quite well.

On 21-June-2008, RLVaughn posted to the outages at list that
the list would end in 12 to 18 hours and would move to a new host
(un-identified at that time)

On 23-June-2008, Jared Mauch posted the first post from the new
Outages mailinglist host:

Also on 23-June-2008, virendra rode posted an updated message on the move:

To put simply, it seemed (to me) to be an urgent need for the move,
and it was handled quickly and professionally by all those involved.

-Jim P.

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