What's with all the long aspaths?

Tomas L. Byrnes tomb at byrneit.net
Thu Oct 23 16:53:19 UTC 2008

Not using that prepended route is exactly what the point of the prepend
is, so that's not "punishment".

It may, in fact, be exactly what they're trying to get you to do.

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>On Wed, 22 Oct 2008, Mike Lewinski wrote:
>> I'm sure they get the attention of NOCs around the world as messages
>> this show up on consoles
>> Oct 22 04:34:05 MDT: %BGP-6-BIGCHUNK: Big chunk pool request (306)
>> aspath. Replenishing with malloc
>You might consider something like bgp maxas-limit 75 to exchange that
>message for the less scarey
>Oct 22 06:34:09: %BGP-6-ASPATH: Long AS path ...
>As an added bonus, you ignore their route while they're playing such
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