the attack continues..

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Sat Oct 18 18:59:56 UTC 2008

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Frank Bulk wrote:
> The website is "" and when I try to connect to it I
> get "Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to
> MySQL".
> It's not unusual for betting sites to be DDoSed for ransom.

Also competition (rival companies) based attacks are extremely common in
the gambling/betting industry as well these days.

Are you running any special promotions at the same time as your competition?

- --J

> Frank
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> Beavis wrote:
>> Hello Lists,
>>     I'm still getting attacked and most of the IP's i got have been
>> reported. and just this morning it looks as if someone is testing my
>> network. and sending out short TCP_SESSION requests. now i may be
>> paranoid but this past few days have been hell.. just want to know if
>> the folks from these ip's can help me out.
>> Attacker IP,Attacker Port,Victim IP,Victim Port,Attack Type,Start
>> Time,Extra Info
>> 14:20:48,Filtered IP: Dropped packets: 3 Dropped bytes: 156
>> 14:20:48,Filtered IP: Dropped packets: 0 Dropped bytes: 0
>> 14:20:48,Filtered IP: Dropped packets: 0 Dropped bytes: 0
>> 14:20:48,Filtered IP: Dropped packets: 0 Dropped bytes: 0
>> First 3 IP's come from AOL, I'll try to see if I can get their attention.
>> Last IP is from a Wildblue Communications WBC-39.
> "Beavis", you're running a web server on, some sort of
> gambling site.  Those who operate web servers generally expect traffic
> to TCP port 80.  If you're not aware that you have a web server running,
> then it is most likely your machine that is infected with a bot.
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