SMS Standards

Glen Kent glen.kent at
Fri Oct 17 23:48:03 UTC 2008

> Message delivery is best effort, so there are no guarantees that a message
> will actually be delivered to its recipient and delay or complete loss of a
> message is not uncommon, particularly when sending between networks. Users
> may choose to request delivery reports (simply add *0# or *N# to the
> beginning of your text message), which can provide positive confirmation
> that the message has reached the intended recipient.

I tried adding a *0# to my SMS and i didnt receive any confirmation ..

I particularly interested in knowing the frame encoding thats done to
send a SMS. What are the control words that are sent along with an
SMS, etc. What does one need to do if a standard is to be proposed. Is
it like IETF where a draft is submitted, or is it something else.

Any pointers to the appropriate mailing list?


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