The DDOS problem & security BOF: Am i mistaken?

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at
Wed Oct 15 23:39:48 UTC 2008

> >> Vixie, Conrad, Manning, Woodcock, Curran, Plzak, Ed Lewis, etc all
> >> worked together at ARIN, and have had 22 ARIN employees attend NANOG,
> >> including the ARIN executive secretary. ARIN is giving NANOG $50,000
> >> checks, even though the Board members have undisclosed conflicts of
> >> interest.  ARIN resource analysts have (and probably are now)  
> >> attending NANOG. The resource analysts are the guys who make
> >> allocation decisions, so getting chummy with NANOG people is a
> >> conflict of interest in the making. So far, I've discovered two cases
> >> where ARIN has made allocations in 2 hours.
> >> 
> >
> >	Didn't you get banned temporarily from this list, then banned
> >for life + 5 years, your children and grandchildren also banned for
> >their lives + 5 years once before for all this?
> I was never temporarilly banned. I was banned in 2000 so that I couldn't
> gloat that the CFAA applied to ISPs. See
> Looks like someone messed up. ;-)
	Well, yes and no...........

	I actually was thinking of the ARIN list that you had the temporary
ban on :

	and then the permanent ban :

	as for banning from NANOG, there is a message, purportedly from
you :

contains "So Harris banned me from NANOG." . Not sure if thats the meeting,
the NANOG list, or one of the NANOG/Merit other lists. Also, in :

	I see "So, effective May 4 2005, Harris again banned Anderson. Although 
the new "reformed" rules require a limit of 6 months, Anderson remains banned 
as of April 16th, 2006. It seems permanent."

	but I think that refers to another NANOG group, dnsop.


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