The DDOS problem & security BOF: Am i mistaken?

Dean Anderson dean at
Wed Oct 15 21:34:42 UTC 2008

On Tue, 14 Oct 2008, Scott Doty wrote:

> First, the good news:  so far, the NANOG conference has been very
> valuable and content-rich, covering a lot of issues that need to be
> discussed.  For that, I am grateful.
> But now, the bad news(?):  Maybe it's just me & my paranoia, but do I
> detect an inkling of "murk spam" going on with some presentations?

Judging by the email after this, the 'vendor' involves Rodney Joffe and
probably UltraDNS.

My opinion: Yes, you are being 'murk spammed'

Joffe and company represent what Professor Dan Bernstein (DJBDNS) calls 
the 'Bind Company'. I think a better term is the 'BIND Cartel', since it 
is a collection of companies and individuals. 

Joffe, Vixie, John Levine et al own or direct, a spammer.  
Remember Sanford Wallace? Wallace sent spam and offered anti-spam
services; that was a non-starter for many. Vixie, Joffe, Levine et al
just stole Wallace's business plan and false-teamed themselves as
anti-spammers. What they were really doing was sending spam, and using
the MAPS blacklist to detect and interfere with their competitors, and
using the credentials with the anti-spam commun and inside information
to avoid spam-traps.  See

Joffe/Centergate/Bill Manning was the founder of UltraDNS.  Manning is
also connected to Vixie through PAIX, and to ISC employee Susan Woolf
through ISI.

Vixie, Conrad, Manning, Woodcock, Curran, Plzak, Ed Lewis, etc all
worked together at ARIN, and have had 22 ARIN employees attend NANOG,
including the ARIN executive secretary. ARIN is giving NANOG $50,000
checks, even though the Board members have undisclosed conflicts of
interest.  ARIN resource analysts have (and probably are now) attending
NANOG. The resource analysts are the guys who make allocation decisions,
so getting chummy with NANOG people is a conflict of interest in the
making. So far, I've discovered two cases where ARIN has made
allocations in 2 hours.

Have they done this before? The answer is yes. The previous scam was 
AXFR-clarify draft. The draft was presented by the BIND Cartel as not 
changing the DNS protocol, but in fact did change the protocol. When Dr. 
Bernstein discovered this, and reported it, Bernstein's email was 
disrupted and censored. 

There are other scams that I'm writing up, but this gives you some 
inkling of what's going on now and what's gone on before.


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