NANOG 44 and ARIN XXII - Live from Los Angeles in HD video

Ken A ka at
Wed Oct 15 16:25:52 UTC 2008

Anton Kapela wrote:
> Streams are back up for the last day of NANOG, later covering ARIN for
> the remainder of the week.
> Since it's mostly talking heads, I've lowered the bitrate of the h264
> versions, and removed cpu-consuming options (i.e. no CABAC)
>    ~27 megabit MPEG2 HD: udp:// (udp, mp2ts)
>    ~2 megabit H.264/AVC HD: udp:// (udp, mp2ts)
>    ~2 megabit H.264/AVC HD, unicast style:
>  Use VLC to play these streams. When using http streams, tell vlc to
>  buffer 5 or 6 seconds worth. Download VLC here:
> -Tk

Why does the quicktime stream 256k show the slides and the 2mbit stream 

Ken Anderson

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