NANOG 44 and ARIN XXII - Live from Los Angeles in HD video

Anton Kapela tkapela at
Wed Oct 15 16:03:02 UTC 2008

Streams are back up for the last day of NANOG, later covering ARIN for
the remainder of the week.

Since it's mostly talking heads, I've lowered the bitrate of the h264
versions, and removed cpu-consuming options (i.e. no CABAC)

   ~27 megabit MPEG2 HD: udp:// (udp, mp2ts)

   ~2 megabit H.264/AVC HD: udp:// (udp, mp2ts)

   ~2 megabit H.264/AVC HD, unicast style:

 Use VLC to play these streams. When using http streams, tell vlc to
 buffer 5 or 6 seconds worth. Download VLC here:


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