NANOG 44 and ARIN XXII - Live from Los Angeles in HD video

Anton Kapela tkapela at
Mon Oct 13 19:02:00 UTC 2008

We've got a simple HDV (1440x1088 p29.976) camera setup aimed at the
speaker podium area. It only has front stage video, no presenter

For a more "full presentation experience" check out the
Quicktime/Winmedia streams at

The following streams will carry both NANOG and ARIN meetings for the
week of October 13, 2008:

   ~27 megabit MPEG2 HD: (udp, mp2ts)

   ~3 megabit H.264/AVC HD: (udp, mp2ts)

   ~3 megabit H.264/AVC HD, unicast style:

Use VLC to play these streams. When using http streams, tell vlc to
buffer 5 or 6 seconds worth. Download VLC here:



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