Hostexploit report/Intercage/Esthost

Simon Waters simonw at
Mon Oct 13 16:06:18 UTC 2008

On Monday 13 October 2008 15:30:07 Konstantin Poltev wrote:
> and Spamhaus itself claims not to be
> subject to any US laws, where it clearly does business. 

The Spamhaus website lists addresses in the UK and Switzerland.

They appear to operate from the UK, and they claim to be subject to UK law.

Searching for "spamhaus jurisdiction" answers this in the first paragraph of 
the first result, not that Google is always this accurate.

Spamhaus might not be perfect, but they demonstrably provide the best public 
source of information on spam sources on the Internet. As such criticizing 
them makes you look suspect in the eyes of those who have very positive 
experiences of spamhaus's data, and who are use to seeing criticism of them 
come almost exclusively from shady characters. If they are wrong say so, and 
tell them, they've always been very responsive to communications in the past, 
but don't rant.

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