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Kevin Day toasty at dragondata.com
Sun Oct 12 23:03:00 UTC 2008

On Oct 12, 2008, at 3:53 PM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> I can understand why some folks would say stop, but unfortunately  
> Europe has the closest public 6to4 relays to the US, and our own  
> providers don't seem to want to put any up.

There are quite a few 6to4 relays outside Europe. I think the problem  
more is that a lot of providers haven't gotten the hang of routing to  
an anycasted prefix that so many people are announcing. Or making sure  
6to4 is fast is so far down their priority list they just don't care.  
Either way, peering seems to be a lot more dense in Europe, so they're  
more likely to be peering with someone announcing a 6to4 relay there.  
Prefer sending traffic to someone you're peering with (even if it's  
further away) to someone local that you have to pay for, and you don't  
always get sensible routing on a prefix like this.

 From the best that I can tell, here's a reasonably complete list of  
who are running 6to4 relays... Its not easy to tell what country  
someone's relay is in, but this is probably close.


1221 Telstra

17832 NISA


1835 FSK Net

3327 Linxtelecom

1741 FUNET

286 kpn.de
5430 Freenet
8767 m-net.de
12816 mwn
15598 IP Exchange
20640 Titan
29259 IABG Teleport
35244 kms.de

12779 itgate.net

1101 SURFNet
8954 InTouch
26943 Your.Org
31383 Computel

1930 FCCN

16206 Abared

1257 Tele2
16150 GlobalTransit

559 switch.ch

United Kingdom:
5400 BT

North America:

59 University of Wisconsin
109 Cisco
1239 Sprint
3344 Kewlio
5050 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
6175 Sprint
7019 NTT
10533 Ottawa Internet Exchange
19255 Your.Org
19782 Indiana University
25795 ARP Networks

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