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Mikael Abrahamsson swmike at swm.pp.se
Sun Oct 12 18:52:16 UTC 2008

On Mon, 13 Oct 2008, Nathan Ward wrote:

> And using a relay at Tele2 AB (Sweden).
> So really Max, all your outbound IPv6 packets are going via Sweden, even 
> if they're going to elsewhere in the US.

Well, actually, Tele2 has 6to4 relays in Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam and 
Frankfurt. But correct, it's a relay in Europe that is being used.

> In order to get around this, encourage your ISP to build a 6to4 relay, which 
> is a couple of commands on a spare Cisco router. For extra points, get them 
> to build out a Teredo relay as well, which is a few commands on a spare Linux 
> box.

We have very good experience with 7600 for 6to4 relay usage.

This brings up an interesting question, should we stop announcing our 6to4 
relays outside of Europe? Is there consensus in the business how this 
should be done? I have heard opinions both ways.

Mikael Abrahamsson    email: swmike at swm.pp.se

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