transcievers/amplifiers for 150 km fiber run

Deepak Jain deepak at
Fri Oct 10 20:10:19 UTC 2008

MRV or Finisar are good places to look for your optics. 120km is no 
problem for 1G/2.7G. Depending on the qualities of your fiber 150km may 
be within the 120km budget.


Holmes,David A wrote:
> MRV Lambda Driver CWDM claims 200km with Raman amplification cards.
> Atrica, now owned by Nokia, Ethernet switches claim 120 km
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> Subject: transcievers/amplifiers for 150 km fiber run
> We are looking to light a two strand fiber link of about 95 miles (or
> 150km).   It would be worth a lot to us not to have repeaters.   We are
> hoping for Gigabit Ethernet.   Sonet is possible but a less attractive
> solution.  Are there options for this sort of distance?   The longest
> current link we have is about 65 miles.  I understand the transmission
> characteristics of the fiber will effect distance of transmission.
> regards,
> Fletcher

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