LVL3 Issues?

Paul Wall pauldotwall at
Fri Oct 10 17:56:35 UTC 2008

I've seen these a few times, usually traced back to LAG issues on
their Force10s (ebr in traceroute).

Drive Slow,
Paul Wall

On 10/10/08, Jeremy_Lunsford at
<Jeremy_Lunsford at> wrote:
> It sounds like an issue that we've seen twice with them.  They'll be
> routing an entire block for us just fine, but traffic for one IP will get
> stuck in a routing loop and never makes it to us.  The one time that it
> happened the technician ended up doing a few soft clears on their BGP, and
> the other time it was fixed before we could contact them about it..
> It always seems to happen after we have a problem with our connection to
> them..

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