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Lee, Steven (NSG Malaysia) kin-wei.lee at
Fri Oct 10 17:20:30 UTC 2008

Hi all, the LC on 12000 series is 12000-SIP-601 (engine 5) with multiple STM-1 SPA card. As far as I know the engine 5 card cannot do 450Kpps on netflow. Since the STM-1 is mainly for NB-AMR traffic (95%), do you recommend the sampled netflow instead? Does anyone aware of the sampled netflow accuracy?

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> Hi all, I have a customer who has a MPLS network for E/// Media Gateway (MGW) NB-AMR VoIP traffic. The packet size for the NB-AMR traffic is fixed size 110 bytes. During the high load period, it can reaches 450Kpps on a STM-1 link. The router platform is Cisco 12000 series, can the router generate 100% netflow data with such traffic load? Also can someone suggest a carrier class netflow collector for mobile service provider environment.
Just a quick note..
You may want to post the Line Cards they have...Distinct LC have distinct Netflow capabilities (and impact).

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