Some odd harvesting going on?

Brian Keefer chort at
Thu Oct 9 14:36:55 UTC 2008

On Oct 9, 2008, at 6:37 AM, Michienne Dixon wrote:

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> I too think C-R spam 'prevention' is the lazy-mans approach at  
> filtering
> spam. People can easily create their own whitelists based on their
> maillogs or mailhistory.
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> Unfortunately, I feel the majority of the solutions offered cater  
> to the
> non-technical.  The process of simplifying often results in a product
> that requires the least amount of hands-on from the end-user.  Coupled
> with the fact that the average end-user is not interested in  
> learning a
> process that takes more then 5 paragraphs to explain and more than 10
> minutes to implement (without some sort of "wizard") and I think we  
> have
> a good idea why the layman's approach is so prevalent.

There are many, many other solutions that satisfy these requirements  
without massively inconveniencing everyone who tries to send you e-mail.

I can only attribute the persistence of C-R as a method for combating  
spam to the fact that a sufficiently small percentage of humans will  
believe in *anything*, no matter how ludicrous it is.

Hopefully this provides some motivation to those few who still cling  
uselessly to C-R to go out and spend 15 minutes researching advances  
in anti-spam technology in the last 5 years.  Perhaps they will pull  
themselves out of the stone ages and stop irritating everyone.


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