Fwd: cnn.com - Homeland Security seeks cybercounterattacksystem(Einstein 3.0)

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Ah, it's a bit worse. This is the ship that ran Windows.

You have a picture of the World War II carrier. Now, this one, the second
ship of the class, has been retired, but that's because it had old-style
missile launchers that were not cost-effective to update.  

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We've got plenty of military toyz we could level at Redmond...

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This one? http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/1998/07/13987



was rendered unusable by a sh!++y OS?  !!!  

<wipes tears from eyes after rolling around on the floor in convulsive

BWAHAHAHAHA!  GREAT link!  I needed to smile as I constantly go through
Micro$loth vs. *nix arguments here.  :-) 

"Using Microsoft's Windows NT operating system in such a critical
environment, some engineers said, was a bad move. " - The sky is blue, too.

"Technically, Windows NT Server 4.0 is no match for any Unix operating
system." - DUH!

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