- Homeland Security seeks cyber counterattack system (Einstein 3.0)

Steve Church nanog at
Mon Oct 6 12:24:06 UTC 2008

I'm surprised that no one has made a Skynet reference yet, perhaps because
such a reference would be trite and predictable.  I'm feeling trite and
predictable this morning, so allow me to be the first.  Homeland Security is
planning to launch Skynet.  I hope you guys have your nuclear bunkers
stocked with Ensure.  We on this list might be all that's left after
Judgement Day.

> If it's going to "literally" shot down an attack like an AA weapon, are
> they planning on physically launching projectiles at compromised machines
> across the world and destroying them?

Bill, they're probably planning on physically launching explosive
projectiles at compromised users.

/me dons his tinfoil hat


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