Go daddy mail services admin

Mike M the.lists at mgm51.com
Mon Oct 6 11:42:45 UTC 2008

On 10/3/2008 at 1:13 PM Justin Shore wrote:

|Jeff Kinz wrote:
|> Based on their long term refusal to adjust their policy to
|> conform to PBL intended usage of the list I suspect this
|> issue cannot be corrected.  The only answer I have found is
|> to inform the affected people they have to move from GoDaddy
|> to a company that does a better job to correct the problem.
|GoDaddy is about as worthless of a mail provider and it gets.  I can't 
|count the number of times I've had customers get themselves blacklisted 
|by GoDaddy and not be able to get unlisted.  Finding a contact number 
|for them used to be damn near impossible.  Finding a competent mail 
|admin on the other end actually was impossible.  My own company got 
|blacklisted by GoDaddy a little over a year ago.  A user with an 
|infected laptop relayed infected email out through the corporate 
|firewall's NAT pool (no longer blindly permitted).  GoDaddy's response? 
|  The entire /24 used by our corporate firewall was blacklisted 
|intermittently for about 6 months.
|Our recommendation to our clients and our SP customers is to not use 
|GoDaddy's mail services.  Pick a mail provider that's known for being 

I would add that Yahoo email should also be on that list of email providers to tell one's customers to avoid, for all the reasons mentioned above.  Yahoo's email is especially bad around the area I live because the local DSL provider uses a re-branded Yahoo email service.   It has become easier for me to walk to my neighbor's house and hand-deliver a letter, than to try sending an email to that neighbor's Yahoo email inbox.

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