Go daddy mail services admin

Justin Shore justin at justinshore.com
Fri Oct 3 18:13:05 UTC 2008

Jeff Kinz wrote:
> Based on their long term refusal to adjust their policy to
> conform to PBL intended usage of the list I suspect this
> issue cannot be corrected.  The only answer I have found is
> to inform the affected people they have to move from GoDaddy
> to a company that does a better job to correct the problem.

GoDaddy is about as worthless of a mail provider and it gets.  I can't 
count the number of times I've had customers get themselves blacklisted 
by GoDaddy and not be able to get unlisted.  Finding a contact number 
for them used to be damn near impossible.  Finding a competent mail 
admin on the other end actually was impossible.  My own company got 
blacklisted by GoDaddy a little over a year ago.  A user with an 
infected laptop relayed infected email out through the corporate 
firewall's NAT pool (no longer blindly permitted).  GoDaddy's response? 
  The entire /24 used by our corporate firewall was blacklisted 
intermittently for about 6 months.

Our recommendation to our clients and our SP customers is to not use 
GoDaddy's mail services.  Pick a mail provider that's known for being 


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