remembering Jon Postel: Looking Beyond the Decade

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Thu Oct 2 18:40:06 UTC 2008

Any chance this will be captured (maybe professionally via HD:)? 
Unfortunately I cannot be there but would really appreciate being in the 

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> On Oct 1, 2008, at 10:49 PM, Scott Francis wrote:
>> nice writeup by Mr. Cerf:
>> 20081001_remembering_jon_postel_a_decade/
>> I was not fortunate enough to have known Mr. Postel, but I have
>> developed a deep posthumous respect for the work he did from listening
>> to what others have had to say about him, and from using (and
>> benefiting from) his legacy on a daily basis. He was not alone among
>> the pioneers who enabled the Internet to become what it is today, but
>> there weren't many who made such a significant contribution.
> You may want to then consider coming to the next NANOG being held in  just 
> under two weeks time in Los Angeles ( This  NANOG 
> celebrates Jon's contributions on the 10th Anniversary of his  passing 
> (Oct 16) and includes a rare keynote opening speech by Vint  Cerf, as well 
> as a 90 minute panel of folks who were "there" when some  important 
> decisions were made, and who will share with us the reasons  some of those 
> decisions were made. Panelists like Paul Mockapetris who  invented the 
> DNS, Bob Braden who has taken care of much of Jon's role  as RFC editor 
> since Jon left us, Danny Cohen who Jon worked for, and  who also worked 
> for Jon ;-) at ISI in the '70s, Bob Hinden who was the  ietf's first Area 
> Director for routing, Lixia Zhang who was part of a  small group of 6 
> including Jon who tackled the issues of addressing  for the iab/iesg, and 
> Van Jacobson, who you probably know mostly for  his congestion control 
> work, but who Paul Francis "credits" for the  concept of NAT. Of course 
> these folks had many other key contributions  to "the Internets".
> Besides these official speakers at NANOG 44 you'll also get to meet in 
> person many of Jon's peers and friends from the early days. I hesitate  to 
> name any, but if you listen carefully in the hallways, and for  comments 
> from the audience during this NANOG, you'll pick up on them.
> If you want to get to know more about some of the people who really  gave 
> us the opportunity to do the things we do today, this is probably  the 
> NANOG you want to attend. BTW, it is a joint meeting with ARIN, so  you 
> get a two'fer.
> ""be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from 
> others" - Postel's Law

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