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>>> I am going to attempt to determine our PUE, using the methodology 
>>> described in the Google paper.  One must figure that "in the spirit it was 
>>> intended" has to factor in the natural gas consumption, otherwise my PUE 
>>> would be about 0.1.  :)
>> If you generate energy for your microturbine from a land fill (free methane 
>> gas) your PUE would be nearly zero. Obviously PUE can be skewed and 
>> shouldn't be considered as a single metric for anything other than a press 
>> release.
>> I would also suggest that Alex shouldn't hold is breath on more details. 
>> The details provided are interesting, but without context.
> Indeed. If they would refuse a visit to Cory Doctorow writing for Nature, I 
> don't think we should hold our breath at
> all :

Ack!  US$32 for the article.  :-)

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