Google's PUE

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at
Wed Oct 1 17:52:54 UTC 2008

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Google has released its PUE numbers:


There is a nice explanation of this, including a graph showing why DC  
efficiency is more important than machine efficiency (on the second  
page) at this link:


I think GOOG deserves a hearty "well done" for getting a whole DC  
under 1.2 PUE for a whole year.  (Actually, I think they deserve a  
"HOLY @#[email protected], NO @*&@#-ing WAY!!!")

Personally, I think only a self-owned DC could get that low.  A  
general purpose DC would have too many inefficiencies since someone  
like Equinix must have randomly sized cages, routers and servers,  
custom-built suites, etc.  By owning both sides, GOOG gets a boost.   
But it's still frickin' amazing, IMHO.

For their next miracle, I expect GOOG to capture the waste heat from  
all their servers and co-gen more electricity to pump back into the  
servers. :-)


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