Sprint Problems?

Mills, Charles cmills at accessdc.com
Mon Nov 24 15:51:56 CST 2008

Found out from an upstream provider that Sprint might be having some
major backbone issues right now.

A number of their backbone routers are down.  This is third hand
information but would seem to make sense considering what we're seeing
here.  We dropped our sprint connection until this clears up but
reachability to any site that is on their network or uses them for
transit is iffy at best.


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>On Mon, 24 Nov 2008, Mills, Charles wrote:

>> Anyone seeing or have an insight as to what is going on with Sprint?
>> Connectivity very sporadic.  Very high latency.

>Yeah, I'm seeing it here too.  Looks like Sprint is advertising routes 
>that they don't actually have reachability for...  Perhaps someone 
>fat-fingered an access-list?

We had a customer of ours last night complain of unreachability to a
PEER1 (AS13768) route but for some reason Sprint was advertising it.
That route had nothing to do with sprint originally. Packets were
getting thrown around in the Atlanta area until the TTL finally expired.
It seemed to clear it self up last night, but I think we are seeing some
residual damage here.

Ryan Werber
Sr. Network Engineer
Epik Networks (AS 21513)

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